4D Robotics was established as a business division of 4D Tech Solutions, Inc. in 2019 with a mission of developing and delivering robotic systems that provide customers high-quality robotics with unmatched performance and value for the system cost. Our robotics R&D has led to the development of a system that was built from the bottom up to: 1) be modular in design to allow system customization, 2) be rugged and reliable to operate in the most adverse of operating environments, and 3) incorporate a manipulator that not only has a heavy lift capability, but has the ability to perform precision manipulation of objects.

4D Robotics is comprised of engineers, scientists and manufacturing staff member that are backed by years of experience. Our team is customer-focused and able to produce solutions to develop systems that will meet end-user needs and provide product downstream technical support that exceeds expectations.

4D Robotics has designed a platform that is able to handle tasks that are dirty, dangerous, difficult, and dynamic in nature. The MRV-1 has been created to execute undesirable tasks and make them as easy and safe as possible for the robot operators.

Made in the USA

4D Robotics designs and manufactures the MRV-1 at their headquarters located in Fairmont, West Virginia. All orders are built with the utmost care; the quality of construction is first and foremost in our minds.  Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control team ensures each system is assembled in a consistent manner.  Each system is rigorously tested prior to delivery to ensure the MRV-1 is ready to perform!

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401 10th Street
Fairmont, WV 26554