Rugged & Reliable

The 4D Robotics’ Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV-1) is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that was designed operate in the most extreme of operating environments.  The low center of gravity, coupled with a durable drive train allows the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to climb stairs, traverse through water, be washed down to remove dirt, mud and contaminants, and get to challenging locations with unprecedented mobility.  MRV-1 was designed to go where others won’t.

Heavy Lift

The MRV-1 provides superior lift capability as compared to other UGVs of similar size and weight. The hydraulic manipulator provides a lifting capability of 90 pounds – enough to lift and carry away objects that others can’t.  The modular design of the manipulator system allows extra functionality to be added with very little weight addition to the system.  The miniature hydraulic power unit allows power to be added where it is needed.  4D’s rapid prototyping team can customize a system design for a wide range of end-user applications.

Modular Design

MRV-1 was designed to be a UGV platform that can be easily modified to meet specific customer needs. The miniature hydraulic power unit allows extra functionality to be added in a straightforward manner. The track assemblies can be easily removed and replaced, and the modular electronics design allows sensors and electronics to be integrated in a straightforward fashion. We understand that in the world of UGV’s one size does not always fit all – call or email us today to share your specific design customization needs.


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